15 Incredible Before and After Weight Loss Transformations

Many people try to lose excess weight, but for some, it can be a challenging to find the motivation just to make a start. It’s a well known fact that overweight or obesity can cause serious health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and certain cancers. People who make excuse claim that they are big-boned or born prone to gaining weight and nothing can change that. However, there are people who succeeded in weight loss and it’s almost impossible to recognize them in old photos.

Our Laykni.com team decided to show you 15 people who pulled themselves together and managed to achieve their weight-loss goals.

1. «After losing my mum in 2014, I decided to change myself. In three years, went from 184kg to 78kg. I hope she’d be proud.»

2. Lost 151lb in 2 years. «For each pound that I lose, I capture a Pokémon! I have finally caught the entire First Generation. Now to start on Gen 2!»

3. This man was fighting depression while raising 3 kids alone. But he pulled himself together and lost 84lb in 2 years.

4. «I lost weight from 135 kg to 66.5 in 15 months. I feel amazing.»

5. Her result is impressive — 170lb lost. She combined a healthy diet and fitness 2 years ago.

6. She wanted to change herself and she did it. She lost 92lb.

7.  Now she is a completely different person. She lost 72lb in just 7.5 months after having meals in small portions and regular training.

8. Betsy Ayala found the motivation to lose over 100lb after discovering her cheating husband.

9. It’s fantastic! Pasquale Brocco lost from 605lb over 330lbs. Now he launched his own weight-loss coaching program.

10. Chinese family transformation after 6 month.

11. «4 years ago I realized that it was time to change something. I went from 140 kg to 89 kg.»

12. The couple decided to start losing their weight. He lost 70lb, she lost 56lb.13. Only one year has passed and she said goodbye to 100lb.14. This man lost 141lb in just 16 months.15. One more couple lost 538lb. They proved that love is the best motivation.



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